While leaving work yesterday, my sister and I left the office together.  I was heading home, and she was going to Subway to pick up dinner.  We normally sit on the first floor of the parking garage to chitchat a bit first, and yesterday we followed the same routine.  After we were done, we got in the garage elevator to go up (we always park on the same level).  When we got to the sixth floor, we stepped out of the elevator, and she gasped.  She had forgotten her car key at the office.

So, we got back in the elevator heading down.  As we approached the first floor, I said to her "You know, I could have taken you there and back."

She replied "but then you gotta turn round and round to bring me to the first floor, just for me to get the key, then go round and round again back up to the sixth floor to my car.  Wouldn't it be easier to just take the elevator?"

Ding!  The elevator reached the first floor and we got out.  I explained to her that I meant for me to take her to and back from Subway, which isn't that far from the office.  She stopped in her track, so I stopped, too.
 Then she had that "OH~~ I SEE!" look on her face.  She said "oh yeah, that makes a lot more sense, doesn't it? "

I could not hold back my laughter any longer!  LoL LoL LoL

Needless to say, we got back in the elevator AGAIN, went up to the sixth floor (AGAIN) and this time we got into my car and I drove her to the nearest Subway, and drove her back to the office after she got her dinner.

昨天我和我妹一起下樓﹐我要回家﹐她要去買晚餐。我們的習慣是先坐在停車場一樓的椅子上聊聊天。聊完了﹐我們一起進了電梯 (我們都停在同一層樓)。到了六樓﹐踏出電梯﹐她“喔”一聲﹐說車鑰匙忘在辦公室了!



我愣了一下﹐電梯正好到一樓了﹐我們一起踏出去。我慢慢的跟她說﹕我的意思是說我可以帶妳去 Subway 再帶妳回來。    <離我們公司很近>

我們都停下了腳步﹐她想了一下﹐我已經忍不住的哈哈哈哈大笑起來。她說“ (對厚~~ 這樣比較對。)”

當然﹐我們再次的上了電梯 (旁觀者大概會以為我們是小朋友愛坐電梯上上下下的)﹐再次到了六樓。這次她上了我的車﹐讓我載她去 Subway 買晚餐﹐再載她回公司。

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