Feelow, I shall miss you very, very much.

I'll miss how brave you were, and always being there for MeiMei.
I'll miss how you would raise one leg, wanting me to pet you whenever I came home.
I'll miss listening to you barking away at all unknown objects, such as birds, planes, squirrels, and strangers.
I'll miss how you could open the screen door, sneak into the house, and hide under the dining table.
I'll miss your little head and big butt.
I'll miss how smart you were, and your ability to fake-tremble on cue.
I'll really miss the sound of your quick footsteps.

Thank you for being in our lives, and for not forgetting me even when I lived in Philadelphia.  I'll always remember the day you came home to us as a little puppy, and I one day came home to find you having gained so much weight like I did.  As big as your belly grew, you still ran around in those quick little steps.  Remember how strong you were to pull me home, cuz it was your bed time? 

As the doctor told me about your test results and diagnosis, we knew that a decision had to be made.  We could continue treatment and buy more time, or let you go without any more suffering.  Daddy reminded us that with life comes death, and you've been called back to heaven.  It was time to let go.

Thank God that you slept fast.  DeDe must be excited to have you next to him again.  Are you guys playing around now?  You don't have to diet anymore, huh?  And you can bark as much as you want without any of us telling you to hush. 

Feelow baby, 3 jie will always, always think of you. 

Good night, Feelow.



我會想念妳的勇敢﹐一直是 MeiMei 的大姊姊。

謝謝妳陪我長大﹐就連我出外唸書﹐長期不在家﹐都沒有忘了我。我會記得妳是如何從一隻小小的 puppy 長大﹐變胖﹐卻還是可以用四隻強壯的小短腿拖著我跑回家﹐只因為妳想回家睡覺了。




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