Once upon a time, there was a sad girl.  She was so sad but had to hide all her feelings.  She had to stop speaking her mind, fearing the violent consequences that might come with doing so.  She took in all blames for actions of others' and kept quiet.  She became more withdrawn each day, and slowly edged towards her breaking point.

While putting up a normal front, the real her screamed, cried, and longed within to break away from living such a life.  She was losing her true self yet that was her way to survive.  However, she  hung onto her faith, as little as a mustard seed, that things would change. 

One day her prayer was answered and she returned to the real world and began the process of finding her true, happy self.  The process was long; yet with all the love and support surrounding her, she started coming out of the shell that she had built around her.  Everyday she woke up with joy and gratitude.  She also learned to be open with those around her that she could trust with her life.  She knew she had made progress.  She felt like a flower slowly blooming.

She thought she had completely regained herself, until she met a boy.

The sweet boy that made her feel so many things that she never felt before.  He adored and appreciated her for who she was!  She felt almost clueless on how to react to a person that opened himself up to her the way he had.  She told herself to stay on guard, yet she found herself to slowly open up to him as well.  It was scary at first, until she realized that there were no judgments against her. 

She decided to tell him how he had made her feel.  He listened with patience until she finished expressing herself.  He gently commented on his observation of her hesitation in doing so, and the observation nearly left her speechless.  For a long time she believed that she had completely healed and didn't realize that she still had a little ways to go. 

She decided to tell him about the story of the sad girl that once existed.  He once again listened, and assured her that history shall not repeat itself.  She believed him, and made one more step in her progress in letting go of the fear.

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