I go through this every Friday, I swear. In the morning I'm always thinking that it's so wonderful that Friday is here. The day tends to go by smoothly until 4PM comes around. All of a sudden everyone and their mother decide to call with bunch of questions that they just somehow cannot wait until Monday. "It'll be on my mind all weekend and I won't be able to sleep!" is what this lady told me.

OK, then maybe, just maybe, you should have called sooner? And perhaps you shouldn't get irritated with me about both bosses being out, as well as the staff accountant? Sean's on vacation, and you want him to call you while he's on vacation with his family? How would YOU feel if your client demands a call while you go away to relax, huh? And it isn't my fault that my other boss is at a meeting somewhere out there, cuz I didn't make him go. Lastly, it's still not my fault that the staff accountant is out sick. I didn't make her sick, alright? So quit it with the guilt trip already! How would YOU feel if the office calls you while you're sick at home, with an urgent message because the client is such a bitch?

So somehow after 4PM on almost every Friday, someone would decide to call with an urgent question. Why can't they call in the morning? Why wait till 4PM when you know that we leave at 5PM?

On top of that, I'm feeling restless. I wanna go somewhere, do something, and see some people this weekend. Yet with the gas price being so high, I'm reluctant to drive around. OK, I'm just irritated.

==== END OF RANTING ====

p.s. really wanted to use F*CK as the title, but that's probably too strong, so I bleeped it out.

p.p.s. pardon for not writing this in Chinese - it'll take too long to translate and by the time I finish translating, I probably won't want to post it.... so F it, here it is.

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